#1 Stump Grinding in Evansville, IN

There’s almost nothing more unappealing about a front yard than an ugly stump sticking out of your front yard. Let Kelly’s Tree Service provide you with the best stump grinding in Evansville, IN. No property owner wants to be “that” house on the block for the wrong reasons. Let us take care of the dirty work for you. Schedule an appointment and one of our stump grinding professionals will go out and provide a free estimate.

Why You Should Remove That Stump

No one wants an unattractive stump in their front yard, especially if it’s a safety concern. This is where our stump grinding pros come in. Our professional stump grinding in Evansville, IN can get the stump out safely and effectively and our dedicated team is quick to respond.

  • Curb Appeal: Obviously, stumps are not an attractive sight which is why removing it from your yard takes care of the eyesore as well as the potential hazard of tripping or falling over it.
  • Safety: Injuries can come from falling over a tree stump which can then turn to liability if a neighbor trips and injures themselves. Tree stumps can also damage lawn care equipment if it gets in the way, which can lead to costly repairs or new equipment.
  • Infestations & Diseases: Tree stumps, especially those that have been sitting for a while, attract insects, vermin, and diseases that could spread to your other trees through the roots and are more vulnerable to infestations and diseases than live trees.

We're Always On The (Stump) Grind!

Our team of professional landscapers is ready to tackle any stump that gets in your way of enjoying your lawn. We have earned the reputation for providing the #1 rated stump grinding in Evansville, IN. We use state of the art tools, efficient strategies, and have the dedication to make sure we satisfy our customer’s expectations. We will grind your stump below ground level and take care of the clean-up. Schedule a stump grinding appointment today and we’ll get that stump out of your way.

No matter what service you need, our team of skilled professionals can get it done! Our stump grinding in Evansville, IN will not only leave your trees looking healthy, strong, and beautiful, but they also won’t be a danger to your home, guests, or family! We are dedicated to providing top quality services that our customers can rely on.